Who we are

Maintrends is a consulting company specialized in market development,  with focus on oil and gas projects.

We are the  brazilian company in market intelligence, providing innovative solutions in Marketing Strategies, Sales, Communication and Business Modeling.

We provide accurate solutions to help market leaders make the best decisions since 1994.


We are the most successful company in facing impossible problems, anticipating market trends, breaking business paradigms and providing amazing solutions to expand the results of our clients.


Anticipate needs, grab opportunities and innovate. This is the path we follow to develop intelligent solutions and ENCOURAGE our customers to constantly look for strategic alliances with key partners and their markets.


Be recognized as an innovative and creative company committed to the improvement of a more just and sustainable world.


  • Constant search for new
  • Create lasting Relationships
  • Developing Strategic Alliances
  • Respect the Multiplicity
  • Impart knowledge
  • Ethics and Transparency
  • Confidentiality
  • Dialogue