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EXECUTIVE COACHING | FOCUS: Supporting Leadership

What is Coaching

Coaching is a process of developing behavioral skills customized according to the demand of each customer / coache for the realization of their professional and personal goals and desires. All this happens through personal and professional planning short, medium and long term

Key Benefits

  • Helping people to change the way you want and to move in a direction where you want to go.
  • At all levels, coaching helps people become who they want to be.
  • Coaching builds awareness, strengthens the power of decision and leads to change.

Our performance

  • Career Coaching
    Guiding young people in the setting of professional careers, as well as its complete development and routing of new opportunities.
  • Executive Coaching
    Assisting the client in a business environment to develop leadership skills , increase skills that produce results for the company and modify behaviors that reduce their performance intended to achieve corporate goals, high performance managers and business needs.
  • Leader Coaching
    It is designed so that the skills of a Coach (strategic questions, feedback, empathy, drive processes, be a servant leader, active listening, etc.) can be acquired.
  • Pre – Retirement Coaching
    It is a process that aims to support the professional who is in preparation for retirement. This is an opportunity for professionals glimpse a better quality of life through restructuring activities and values ​​, which will ensure the continuity of personal and professional development.
  • Coaching Group
    It is a structured process aimed at identifying and aligning the goals of individuals with the goals of the team to which they belong. This is a work of sharing values ​​and mission statement of the front staff to the challenges of the organization. The group is invited to review beliefs that may be impacting the results and think of new forms of action and interaction.

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